How to create an open-minded company?

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Vor kurzem kam eine extrem coole und inspirierende Ansage von Thomas, unserem Vorstand und Cheffe bei zanox, übers Intranet getickert. “Projekt ZANOX 2.0“  oder: How to create an open-minded company?

Es geht um Inspiration und Motivation der Mitarbeiter, sowie die Frage wie sich Firmenkultur und Selbstverständnis, besonders im Online Bereich, weiterentwickeln können. Thomas hat einige spannende Denkanstöße gegeben und ich würde mich über Meinungen dazu freuen! Vielleicht beantwortet das ja die Frage, ob und was ich als Blogger und Mitarbeiter einer open-minded company so alles machen darf. :-)

[...]  today we would like to ask each of you to create zanox 2.0!

Why do we ask you? We love the idea of zanox 2.0. After talking to many of you, discussing the longtail, blue ocean and collective intelligence, and visiting shows like Mobile World Barcelona, web 2.0 expo and adtech SF, reading books like “wikinomics” and “the Facebook era“, we can’t help but realize that our zanox world is changing faster and faster. There is a new “open & collaborative” culture coming, which we also want to implement within zanox. That’s why, from today on, we want to share our thoughts and ideas about the future with all of you and ask you to contribute and participate!

Why it is good for zanox and good for you?
We believe this is the critical success factor for the future! The world wide crisis is the chance for new opportunities and especially the time for the power of the internet. With the election of Obama, the idea of web 2.0 has become a reality and a new world order is taking over. It is a new open spirit, a new generation of people and new ways of doing business, handling people and treating the environment. We believe companies who are able to keep up with the changes and willing to adapt their attitude and business model to this new world, will be able to act more efficient, more dynamic and innovative! [...]

ZANOX is in the privileged position of having a business model that is and has since the beginning been based on collective intelligence in our network. So we already have the experience, we know how to participate in the wisdom of the crowd and collaborate with our partners. Now the time has come to change the mindset of the global alliance, to put every single head together to develop zanox internally and externally.

What can you do for zanox and for yourself right now?

1) Choose your attitude -> Open yourself to new ideas!
2) Have fun -> Try something new today!
3) Make their day -> Share your thoughts with us!
4) Be present -> Make notes and follow each other!

How could it impact zanox and impact you? It’ll push zanox and you to the Top! Some Ideas and Examples what we could do:

- Empower people and decentralize decisions.
- Start blogging, tweeting and following for all company communication.
- Share our knowledge maybe export all notes databases to open wikis?

- Make parts of zanox opensource, maybe tracking?
- Ask the community to help us becomming even better!
- Become an open Guy -> Start sharing!

… and many hundreds of other things we could improve and change with your help! [...]

We know that many of you think and work already in this spirit and  that our inspiration is a two way street. But we are also aware that not all are working in this mode and we believe in the high potential of sharing and faster collaboration is the future of zanox and each of you if we can make this change now! Thank you for your attention and sunny greetings to all of you everywhere in the world [...]

Was meint ihr dazu? Für mich bedeutet das: Weiter so, Tony! Ich kommuniziere eher zu viel als zu wenig, hehe.

Vor allem das Stichwort Open-Source finde ich sehr spannend! Ist das ein Weg um zanox technologisch weiter vorwärts zu bringen? Was kann eine Firma noch alles machen, um sich der “kollektiven Intelligenz” zu öffnen und von ihr zu lernen? Ich denke, der zanox Appstore ist ein Schritt in die richtige Richtung, dazu unsere sehr liberale Blogging-Richtlinie…

Aber was noch? Gebt mir mehr! :-)

Update: Zur Open Company gibts jetzt auch das Open Board!

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